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In the human body growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland. There are of course in high concentrations in adolescence. After adolescence he falls but remains at a constant level in the body. HGH - Human Growth Hormone stimulates growth in tissues and cells but not in the size of the increase in cell number. With the exception of eyes and brain all other organs benefit from its use. The transport of amino acids such as increase of protein synthesis. Asmenea helps weight loss by stimulating the hydrolysis of triglycerides in the fat.

HGH - Human Growth Hormone helps strengthen connective bores: cartilage and tendons. This effect reduces the risk of injury from training with weights very large and growing stronger. HGH - Human Growth Hormone can not be detected in urine! It is forbidden but there is no effective method of detection. It is clear that any athlete can use HGH - Human Growth Hormone and not only during competitions before. On average dose should be between 4 and 6 units per day for the promised results. The cycle should last at least 4 weeks. It can be injected both under the skin and muscles. For localized slimming injections and injection site change constantly to equalize area.

It seems that at least weakening is visible to everyone and is one of the effects that we all recognize and that's because high doses are not necessary for this effect. Other drugs are needed to achieve maximum results with HGH - Human Growth Hormone. The body will need more thyroid hormones, insulin and androgens more when HGH levels are high. Thyroid hormones are notable increase thermogenic effect of a cycle. CytomeIR or SynthroidR (T-3 and T-4) are needed for this. Insulin is very beneficial because it into a cycle HGH - Human Growth Hormone decreases levels of insulin in the body. Testosterone and trenbolone are frequent recommendations for total anabolic effect. HGH - Human Growth Hormone he presents risks for side effects like other steroids. The most common side effect is the thickening of bones, especially the feet, forehead, hands, jaw and elbows. HGH - Human Growth Hormone can cause the growth of vital organs such as the heart and kidneys.