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In the human body growth hormone (HGH) is produced by the pituitary gland. It is found in large amounts during adolescence, when promoting tissue generation, storage and consumption of subcutaneous fat protein. With the maturation endogenous levels of this hormone decreases, remaining present in the body in very small quantities. The body structure of growth hormone is made up of a sequence of 191 amino acids. After being isolated by scientists proved that this hormone has a fantastic therapeutic properties, especially if pituitary deficiencies. It was first isolated in 1956 and its structure was identified in 1972.

In the 80s appeared the first medicines containing growth hormone. The only source of growth hormone by the pituitary gland was represented human cadavers. But this method of production of drugs had a short life because because they could infect patients with a rare brain disease, that disease was fatal. Today preparations are synthetic HGH. It is almost impossible to find on the market longer and Grorm old products. The use of growth hormone has spread increasingly more in the sports world thanks to the many beneficial effects. First, HGH stimulates growth in almost all tissues, primarily due to increased cell counts and no enlargement of the scale of them. This includes skeletal muscle and outside of the eye and brain all other organs. It is also increased amino acid transport, and protein synthesis.

All of these effects are in fact mediated by IGF-1 (growth factor insulinostimulator), a highly anabolic hormone produced in the liver and other tissues in response to hGH (the high levels of IGF-1 occurring after 20 hours following administration of hGH- site). HGH stimulates triglyceride hydrolysis in adipose tissue, with a decrease in body fat important during administration. Induces insulin resistance, using fat as the main source of energy instead of carbohydrates. The effect of increasing and it seems that strengthens cartilage and tendons, reducing preicolul injury when working with heavy loads. Promote strength gains. Although its use is banned in sport, there are no tests to detect HGH through urine analysis.

The only method that can detect HGH is through blood testing. The degree in which HGH helps an athlete has been the subject of a long dispute. Some say it is the most anabolic substance, capable of amazing things and can provide increases in muscle mass and burn fat layer in a very short period of time. Because it is used only by professional competitors who can afford such expensive substances, an aura of mystery surrounds and higher HGH. Many say that "tons" of muscle presented by Mr. Olympia contestants are 100% due to the use of growth hormone. There are those who say it is a waste of money and time that has anabolic properties and high price makes it totally useless in the face of steroids.

With so many divided opinions on who should we believe? HGH is released into the body by hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) secreted by the hypothalamus. HGH and comes with certain side effects that can occur in fucntie of sensitivities. The thinning or thickening of bones, especially the hands, feet and forehead; increasing internal organs; Resistance inducing hypoglycemia due to insulin. However, these risks are reduced, such matters are rarely reported among athletes who use moderate doses, even if they do regularly and for long periods of time. But if they notice a change in bone structure, skin texture or other warning signs should be withdrawn iemdiat forever.

First we must consider as a short cycle HGH is very expensive. And not neparat for the best anabolic but because the process of production is complex and expensive. If you have $ 1,000 to spend to gain more muscle mass you give on steroids. Growth hormone is a torch for those who want to get more than they can do it only with steroids. It is usually used by profesionostii who can afford to spend such sums.

And always in combination with other substamte, not just HGH alone. Money spent on HGH are justified in professional circles, where competitive conduct earn their daily bread by their physique days, so it can be seen as an investment. Besides the professional arena such costs make sense, unless you have a wallet bulging money Due to high prices, there were many forgeries of hGH. Much of what is contained on the black market HCG are actually "dressed" in packages of HGH. Such products can be detected by a pregnancy test bought at the chemist. These tests work by detecting HCG in the urine present during pregnancy.

In this case we want to know if our HCG vials of HGH. After a few days of beginning the cycle will inject 1 ml of HGH before bedtime. When you wake up do a pregnancy test. If positive out means you have been duped and that actually taking HCG and no growth hormone. Growth hormone (as HCG) is packaged in two separate vials, one containing a sterile solution, the other a powder. The contents of the two vials mix before being injected.